Community Benefit Society

We are working with the Plunkett Foundation as a  registered Community Benefit Society. 

We are being advised by Dave Hollings.  Dave has advised 36 completed community share issues over the last 15 years raising £6 million of shares often topped up with other forms of finance. He has specialised in pubs, shops and renewable energy. He has advised clients from the Home Counties to the Western Isles. He has also seen a community share issue from the community side, raising the community shares needed to rescue his local pub,  The Dog & Gun, Beltham. 

 Key features of a CBS

Benefits wider community as well as members 

Elected committee manage the enterprise on behalf of members

One member, one vote 

Member liability limited to share value which cannot increase 

Statutory asset lock using Plunkett Foundation’s model rules 

Shares can be withdrawn at the discretion of management committee 

Can pay interest to shareholders at a rate to retain sufficient capital 

FCA approved and registered with Companies House 

Annual return AR30 to be submitted to FCA 

Is not regulated by Company Law but should always act in accordance with the law 

Trade profits can be reinvested or distributed for social or charitable purposes 

Depending on the type of enterprise, can qualify for tax relief on investment 

Costs £310 for Plunkett members using FCA approved rules